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What remanufacturing actually is?

What does remanufacturing mean?

An environmentally conscious approach that is fundamentally rethinking the various design and production processes that had an impact on vehicle manufacturing for a few decades now. It has become important to develop a directive with an environmental and economic focus in order to reduce the ecological footprint of industry. Remanufacturing reduces the amount of natural impact, the amount of waste, and provides significant energy savings.

Economic aspects versus environmental protection

The increased pollution associated with industrial development has already had serious consequences globally and locally, which is essential to be changed. The structure of multinational companies is slowly changing, their operations are basically production focused, they only partially focused on conserving resources and taking a green approach. For the environment, almost all industrial activities are a burden, whether it is CO2 emissions, soil, water or air pollution, the long-term consequences are significant in all cases.

Remanufacturing - A breakthrough Solution

The industrial processes of mankind are typically short-term focused and seek to generate profits with that in mind. However, remanufacturing is thinking in much larger perspective. In addition to commercial and economic considerations, it has set itself the fundamental goal of improving sustainability and reducing the impact of traditional production on nature. The remanufactured components are not only expected to increase service life but can also improve performance. Their huge advantage is that up to 80% of their components are reused, meaning there is no need for new, already finite raw materials. At the same time, the quality of these products is equivalent to the new products in all its technical parameters and even in its service life. This, of course, requires professional, specialized processes, a great deal of expertise as well as modern technology. After remanufacturing, we can reassemble a product in a way that it has the least negative impact on the environment, yet performs reliably in the long run.

"Green" technologies in the service of the automotive industry - ARAGO Green Technologies Ltd.

It is clear, that automotive remanufacturing is a special industrial activity that not only offers an opportunity to relieve our environment, but is now also a necessary in the whole automotive industry, and whose market legitimacy has now become unquestionable. The most important goal of ARAGO Green Technologies Kft. is to make this opportunity and its importance known as widely as possible and to include as many products as possible in its portfolio, in order to make sustainability a key principle in the automotive industry as well. The possibilities are infinite.


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