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„One step closer towards a sustainable future!”

The new production facility of ARAGO Green Technologies opened its gates in Sajókeresztúr, Hungary.

Our company has reached an important milestone. The first important stage of the project, which greatly boosts the remanufacturing of sustainable automotive spare parts, is the official handover of our new production and development complex featuring state of the art technologies. The 10,000 square meter facility has a remanufacturing capacity of up to 1 million parts annually.

Tamás Orosz, managing director at the opening ceremony:

"In less than 8 months, the world consumed the amount of raw materials that should have been enough for the given year. The world is over-consuming and our raw materials are running out. Meanwhile, billions of vehicle parts are thrown into the trash. There is a technology that, combined with the right expertise, can turn these parts destined for the trash, thought to be waste, back to the vehicle spare parts aftermarket. And the great thing is that this technology and expertise are here in Hungary. In fact, I will go further, they are here in Sajókeresztúr, within the walls of this factory."

We are needed more than ever!

Today, 325 million vehicles travel the roads of Europe, while approximately 1.3 billion vehicles travel the roads globally. This amount requires the production of approximately 3 billion spare parts every year, which are absolutely necessary to keep those vehicles operational. The production of 3 billion spare parts is responsible for the emission of approximately 44 million tons of CO2 gas, not to mention a lot of energy, raw materials, water, and additional waste. Currently, only 7% of those 3 billion spare parts are remanufactured, and the remaining 93% are all completely new parts. However, it is an important fact that nearly 85% of worn-out vehicle parts can be renewed and remanufactured using professional technology, after which we get a spare part equivalent to the new product in terms of parameters and lifespan, but at the same time, during remanufacturing, compared to new production, 79% CO2 emissions, 53% energy, 85% of raw materials, 88% of water, 92% of chemicals and up to 70% of generated waste can be saved on average.

During remanufacturing, used and worn parts are collected, sorted and transported safely to our site. After evaluation, we break it down into its components, clean them using environmentally friendly, innovative techniques than we test and certify all parts according to industry standards.

We only replace unrepairable parts, all other parts are reassembled after certification and repair. We carry out the final assembly according to standard assembly processes, and then carry out the final testing of the remanufactured products according to the same test procedure that the brand new products have to pass. In this way, we guarantee that we produce a product with the same technical parameters and service life as the new product from car parts that would normally end up in landfills. Our company starts with remanufacturing ten product lines, which it plans to continuously expand.


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